To train and equip all those who are touched by Jesus Calls ministry, through prayer with Prophetic and apostolic anointing who will in turn bring miracles to others.


Jesus Calls Partners to become Praying Partners with Prophetic and Apostolic anointing

Know The Lord Like Never Before

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Jesus Calls Prayer Academy Training

Comprehensive Biblical education on the Bible through a world-class instructor to equip people in the world who are passionate about their spiritual growth.

Every Jesus Calls Partner should be educated and equipped for the fullest use
of their spiritual gifts in serving others for Christ's sake.

World-class Learning For Anyone, Anywhere

Learn from Dr.Paul Dhinakaran & Jesus Calls Faculty members

  • To assist you to master the art of knowing Biblical truths.
  • To help you to be enriched by experienced motivational instructors from Jesus Calls Ministry.
  • To equip you to take home a wealth of practical ministry tools.
  • To help you use your learning immediately through exciting hands-on ministry.
  • To enable you to develop vital leadership skills to effectively lead staff and volunteers.
  • To guide you to experience life-changing spiritual and personal growth.
  • To enable you to revolutionize your work with everyone - No soul to be lost.
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Text: 3900+ Courses and Specializations, 13+ Professional Certificates, 20+ Degrees and MasterTrackā„¢ Certificates


Learning Methods

Know- You will get to know truths about Jesus and become a person who knows the Lord personally more than just knowledgeably
Grow- You will grow in Jesus as you apply the lessons practically in your life
Follow- You will learn that the primary commandment is to follow Jesus and you will be taught how to follow Him
Sow- You will learn how to minister for the Lord and practically sow Jesus in the life of others

Applied Learning

Learn About

Our Jesus Calls Prayer Academy offers Biblical online courses to students all around the world. Whether you are new to studying the Bible or are a seasoned Bible student, we have something for you! In keeping with our mission, we make our entire course available to you. You can access our courses by clicking the enrol button below.

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