About us

About us

About Us

Prayer, love and compassion are the key driving forces in the ministry of Jesus Calls. All the endeavors of Jesus Calls to wipe away the tears of the people depict these major dynamics. The uniqueness of this global ministry under the able leadership and guidance of Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and his family minister together to all who approach us irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.

The mission of Jesus calls is being achieved through prayer towers, prayer festivals, magazine, broadcast and digital media. Now the Lord has given a new burden to the founder Dr. Paul Dhinakaran to train the partners to become prophets. As per the divine plan the partners are to be taught about Jesus so that they grow spiritually. All those who support our ministry through their valuable offerings should also become active praying partners. This is the ultimatum of Jesus calls prayer academy.

JCPAT is established so that there shall be outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our partners through proper teaching and training by the founders family. As a result there shall be more Dhinakarans to work in various mission fields to prepare the world for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Founders Message

The Holy Spirit spoke to me on 14th of March 2008, that it is now time to prepare the world for the Lord’s coming and now Acts 2:17 will begin to be fulfilled. The Lord said that He will pour His Spirit upon all flesh from now. As the Holy Spirit comes upon each one, the power to prophesy God’s plan for nations, peoples (individuals and families), languages and Kings will e revealed (Rev 10.7,11). As God’s plan is revealed to each one, the Holy Spirit will make them pray and that plan of God will go as incense to God (Rev. 8:3-5) and His answers will come upon the earth as fire. Then God’s plan for humanity will be fulfilled to prepare the world for His second coming.

In accordance with this vision, our mission now is to train those who have been touched by the gospel preached by us through Jesus Calls Ministry as well as those who received miracles through our prayers and through the Prayer Intercessors at the Prayer Towers, to pray prophetically God’s plan upon their lives and upon all humanity by being filled with the Holy Spirit. They are to be taught how to live in the Spirit, to be led by the Spirit, to enter into God’s plan for their lives and for their families. Also they are to be trained to hear the voice of God and thus get connected with Him. In other words, “every paying partner” is to be transformed as “praying partner”. This is the mission of this Partners Training Programme (PTP). You are not just a partner of Jesus Calls. We value you as our own Jesus Calls family member. As you are trained, the Lord will be closer to you as never before and you will be transformed into the very image of our Lord Jesus Christ(2 Cor 3:18). My prayers are with you as you undergo this training programme. Thank you for being a partner with the Lord Jesus and with us in this mission.

With love and prayers,
Your loving brother